Online shopping and contactless payment.

With your SwissPass, you can make purchases online or in public transports on the spot-risk-free and convenient. You can pay your bills in full, free of interest and charges, or in flexible monthly instalments.

Now you can also use the SwissPass to pay quickly and contactless at ticket machines and at all manned public transport sales points. You can always keep track of your expenses and settle them conveniently via your monthly statement.

Activate the payment function of your SwissPass card now.

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Invoice type

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Monthly invoice

Any outstanding balances, payments as well as credits are collected on an account statement. You will receive your account statement in the form of a monthly invoice by mail in the middle of the following month.

Your monthly invoice explained
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Single invoice

At some shops you will receive a single invoice, which is related to a single purchase. You may pay it in full or make a partial payment and have the remaining balance automatically carried over to your monthly invoice.

Your single invoice explained
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Daily invoice

At some shops you will receive a daily invoice, which contains all purchases you made with a shop on the given day. You may pay it in full or make a partial payment and have the remaining balance automatically carried over to your monthly invoice.

Your daily invoice explained


What is purchase by invoice with SwissPass?

It is a service offered by SwissPass, which enables you to easily make various purchases, like e.g. train tickets, ski tickets or purchases at railway stations. Each purchase is charged to you SwissPass account.

Who is MF Group?

MF Group is the market leader in Switzerland in the field of purchase on account. The company is based in St. Gallen and is part of the Bertelsmann Corporation (see MF Group offers purchase on account for all channels (point-of-sale, web and mobile) and bundles all purchases onto one invoice at the request of the merchant. MF Group takes care of all processes relating to payment with the SwissPass (online and for point-of-sale business) and maintains the business relationship with the cardholder.

Where do I find the Terms & Conditions?

Click here.

I want to make my purchase by invoice. How should I proceed?

Select "SwissPass" as payment method and then follow the instructions.

Where do I find the card number I have to enter during checkout?

You will find the card number on the back of your SwissPass, just below the barcode.

I have chosen the payment method 'SwissPass' but was declined.

There are several reasons why you may have been declined. For example:

If you would like information on why you have been declined, please fill out this online form. Processing takes two days. For data protection reasons, we cannot provide information by phone.

How and when will I receive my SwissPass invoice?

*If you are unable to make a payment via E-Banking, you can wait for your monthly invoice.

What happens if my email address is invalid?

If the email address is invalid, SwissPass can send the invoice by post and charge an administration fee of CHF 2.90.

When does the SwissPass invoice need to be paid?
When will I be charged a reminder fee and how much is it?

A dunning fee is charged, if you don't transfer the minimum installment of a monthly invoice before the due date.
1. reminder CHF 18.00
2. reminder CHF 28.00
3. reminder CHF 38.00

What happens if I cancel my purchase?

You will receive an adapted single or daily invoice with the new amount due or a corresponding monthly invoice in the middle of the next month. This invoice replaces the initial invoice.

I have a moved, how do I update my address?

Please notify us of your new address promptly by completing this form.

Where can I find my current account balance?

Here. You will need to enter some information found on the invoice.

I have questions about the invoice I received.

Please contact SwissPass customer service if you have any questions regarding your invoice.

Hotline: 058 806 05 44

Customer service is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Ich have questions about my SwissPass card.

Please contact SwissPass at: 0848 44 66 88

Can I pay my SwissPass invoice using Reka Checks?

No, you will only be able to settle your invoice using a bank or post wire transfer.

Why do I have to provide my SwissPass information?

We need this information so that we can clearly identify you and activate your SwissPass card for payment.

Why can’t I log in with my SwissPass information?

Please make sure that you have entered your card number correctly and that your postcode is correct. If you have recently moved and have not yet given notification of your new address, please try to enter your old postcode.

When do I need my PIN?

You always need the PIN for payment if the purchase exceeds a certain amount or if it has not been entered for a certain period of time.

A message appears saying my PIN does not comply with the guidelines, what should my PIN look like?

Your PIN is always four digits long and must not consist of four identical or four consecutive numbers. Not permitted, for example:

I have completed the process and receive a message saying that the payment function has been activated.

You can now shop on account with your SwissPass.

Can I change my SwissPass from prepaid to postpaid at a later date?

Yes. If you want to do so, you can repeat the activation process at a later date. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

How do I make payments with my SwissPass?

Once you have activated the payment function for your SwissPass, you can make contactless payments at participating partners. To do this, hold your SwissPass up to the payment card terminal like a normal credit or debit card.

Where can the SwissPass be used as a means of payment universally?

You can currently pay for public transport everywhere with your SwissPass.

I have completed the process and receive a message saying that the prepaid function has been activated.

Unfortunately, we were unable to activate an invoice payment function for you at this point in time and therefore had to create a prepaid account for you. As soon as you have paid money into your prepaid account, you can pay with your SwissPass.


The account number is shown on your invoice.

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