Our goal is to exceed our client's business objectives, actively participating in finding the simplest and most profitable steps.

MF Group Ticino

MF Group is a swiss market leader in the Buy Now Pay Later universe, with a monthly turnover of more than 50 million of Swiss Francs.
MF Group services allow 14 million customers to pay by invoice goods and services using MF Group payment methods. More than 3000 merchants in Europe benefit of our partnership.

We have been proudly part of the Arvato Group since June 2020.

Based in Mendrisio,Ticino, MF Group Ticino is continually challenged to satisfy ever-changing requirements in order to provide customizable, reusable modular solutions with agility and simplicity:

  • Real time account limit management through in-house developed payment server
  • Multichannel payment support including:
    • POS
    • Web
    • Mobile (IOS and Android)
  • “Real time” verifications of identity and address data of the customer with in-house developed customer reliability chain
  • Production of more than 400’000 invoices / month supporting different payment models (e.g. revolving, fixed rate, etc.)
  • In-house developed merchant fraud risk management
  • In-house developed customer fraud detection
  • In-house developed CRM software

We are a meritocratic, informal and fast growing company always looking for improvements both on technical and process aspects.

Please send your full application documents by e-mail or post to:
MF Group AG
Via Penate 16
6850 Mendrisio

Our Values

We know that technical debt will ask you to pay interests kicking your ass and we know this because of our past experience. For this reason we believe the real excellence is in simplicity in all things and we aim to create true value and optimal utility for all stakeholder step by step. Our company wish growing privileging straightforward communication, long-term vision and trusty team collaboration. We are committed to the continuous quest for improvement.

Our Mission

Our goal is to exceed our client's business objectives, actively participating in finding the simplest and most profitable steps. We believe in applying technology not for technology's sake, but to bring out the very best in organization and to improve business and profits.

Our developers

Java oracle mysql javascript typescript rest data-mining sql performance rmi tomcat jetty solr superset swagger spring-boot web-component thymeleaf gitlab

Currently we have two teams, composed by six and four software developers. One team is working on the payment-interface systems while the other one is more concentrated on refund and invoicing stuff along with the CRM application used by the contact center in St. Gallen. We are actively working every day in order to reduce complexity in everything we touch and how we are organized is not an exception: we are fully committed to improve the collaboration beetwen the two teams reducing the number of systems by deleting dead code and deeply reorganizing our architecture. Our ambition is to have fun at work every day and grow as a well balanced team. Our two system engineers work in close contact with software developers in order to always consider all aspects of a story development. In order to protect our developers from interruptions we have a team we call "Fireman", that gives precious support to the customer contact center in St. Gallen and that manages all daily business activity. We avoid bureaucracy – because we need our energy to be available to our business. It is important for us to continuously improve and learn, and we therefore nurture a culture of learning from each other and we are not afraid of hiring people smarter than us. We expect to grow by another two developers / system engineers during this year. We believe in agile values, overall in releasing little steps of profitable value.

  • To give you a glimpse of what it is like to work at MF Group Mendrisio, here a few typical scenes:
    • A developer using the Java Mission Control tool in order to check how Java code modifications affected performance
    • Developers and chief operating officer studying running business metrics on Superset in order to choose the next story to plan in the weekly iteration
    • A developer making some spikes on event sourcing achitecture with Kotlin
    • A developer making pattern matching research in order to have best customers identification using Solr
    • A system engineer and a developer working together to analyze the production system load and evaluate various alternative enhancements on the architecture
    • A developer making some reasearch to enhance the quality of information collected by our email tracking
    • A developer documenting APIs with swagger
    • A developer making research in order to find a simpler algorithm to manage efficiently fraud merchant risk
    • A developer writing a JUnit test in order to have feedback developing a little step of value in his story
    • Developers and our two managers participating at the weekly retrospective
  • A developer of the daily business team preparing automatic SQL reports for legal stakeholders
  • A developer giving his contribution on a GitLab Merge Request
  • A developer checking code metrics of last commit: test coverage, code lines count, class number, test class number, test number, etc.
  • A developer looking into the Sonarqube report
  • A developer refactoring ugly code and sweeping dead code by loud WTF.
  • A developer asking clarifications to our client in St. Gallen posting a question in the Jira card containing all the story progress and requirements
  • A developer giving support to the daily business team in order to find long term solutions to solve issues and urgent stuff
  • A developer verifying in production his own story deployed the day before or a few minutes earlier
  • A developer attending at an e-learning on line course about data-science and machine learning



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